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Connect to Library Resources

Integrate OpenAthens with Research Tools

OpenAthens supports direct linking to library resources, and a number of tools and apps can be configured to work with OpenAthens. 

Many databases and publishers offer an option to create a personalized account in order to access additional features and create customized experiences. UBC Library recommends that end-users review the relevant terms and conditions prior to use. 

The instructions are provided as supplementary documentation to support customization of tools in combination with OpenAthens.

EBSCO Databases: My Account and OpenAthens

If you previously had a personal account within an ESBCO database to collect resources and save searches, that data is still available, and this functionality remains an option in OpenAthens.

However, access to your personal account will no longer use an EBSCO login, but will now be synced with your OpenAthens login, and will not be a second step.

  1. The first time that you login to an EBSCO database (since June 2, 2021) follow these steps to merge your EBSCO account with your OpenAthens credentials for seamless future access:
  2. Click Sign in on top right of the screen
  3. Click Update MyAccount on top right of the screen
  4. Select Merge accounts
  5. Login with your EBSCO account credentials
  6. Review the EBSCO Data Consent screen for personal account features (this is not a requirement to access the database, only for personal account features)

From now on when you login to an EBSCO database, click on Sign In on the top right of the screen to see your personal account folders on the top right; you will not be prompted for an additional login. If you click on the Search History before selecting the Sign In button you can navigate to your folders by clicking "switch accounts"