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Connect to Library Resources

Connect to Library Resources: Getting Started

UBC Library provides online and print access to collections that include articles, books, media, data, databases, and more. Learn more: UBC Library Collections

UBC Library uses OpenAthens as a system of authentication for online access to licensed resources. This guide provides documentation for accessing, using, and troubleshooting Library resources online. 

  • If you have a UBC CWL, you can start your search at the Library website or from many publisher platforms. Login to OpenAthens through the Institution login side of the screen.
  • If you do not have a UBC CWL, various access options exist and are detailed in this guide by user group (Guest, Faculty Authorized, etc). If you obtain an OpenAthens account from UBC Library you must start your search by logging in to OpenAthens directly.

Connect to Library Resources: Overview

The UBC Library licenses resources for academic, non-commercial, research purposes. Most resources allow for the downloading, printing or saving of a copy of the material. Use of automated software to extract items or portions of items is generally not permitted. Quantities are generally restricted to what a person can reasonably read or download manually. Excessive downloading can lead to vendors/publishers blocking access. Please read more information on Licensing. For question/requests related to high volume use, such as text and data mining or systematic reviews, submit a licensing question.

For UBC students, faculty and staff, a valid UBC CWL is required to access library resources. As part of the ongoing effort to enhance cybersecurity at UBC, Duo multi-factor authentication has been introduced for many applications across the university, including CWL (known as Enhanced CWL). Please visit the Privacy Matters website for more information. For users who do not have access to a cell phone as a secondary means of authentication, tokens are available for purchase at the UBC Bookstore

Guest access to licensed resources is also permitted under specific conditions.

In June 2021, UBC Library implemented OpenAthens, a secure, single sign-on authentication service that enables access to licensed electronic resources both on and off campus. OpenAthens replaces the previous authentication methods of EZproxy and IP recognition.

UBC Library also offers the Library Access Browser Extension to facilitate access to Library collections while searching online. Installation of the Library Access Browser Extension provides seamless connections to Library-provided access for Table of Contents alerts, and for direct access to databases and articles; it will ensure UBC login via OpenAthens is presented to you online, when and where you need it.