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Frequently Asked Questions

and tips for troubleshooting.

Firefox Error Message

Question: I've installed the browser extension in Firefox, but all I see is a message saying "an error has occurred, please try again later"!

Lean Library Error message in Firefox

Answer: You need to update to the most recent version of Firefox. This extension is supported from version 56 onward.

Click here to download the latest version of Firefox from Mozilla.


Question: When I'm setting up the extension, I see the option to "Skip the pop up and automate my access". What happens if I check this box?

Screenshot of Lean Library Configuration Screen, highlighting checkbox for automatic access

Answer: If you check this box, you will be automatically connected to UBC Libraries resources on external websites whenever possible. If you leave this box unchecked, you will need to click the pop up to get access every time you visit an external website, such as or; see the image below.

You can check or uncheck this box at any time by accessing the Settings area of the browser extension. Click the gear icon on any pop up to change your settings.

Important tip: If you have a personal subscription to a website (such as The New Yorker), do not check the option to "skip the popup and automate my access" or the browser extension will redirect you to UBC access rather than your own account.

Screenshot of Library Access Browser Extension configured for UBC, with gear icon highlighted as place to adjust settings

Question: How do I remove or disable the Lean Library browser extension?

Answer: Instructions for each supported browser are provided by Lean Library.