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How to access nkoda

nkoda serves as a doorway to tens of thousands of scores from over 100 publishers, including Boosey & Hawkes, Bärenreiter, Breitkopf & Härtel and Ricordi. All content is accessible exclusively within the nKoda app, available for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.


  • It is very important to follow each of the steps carefully to ensure that you are signing in as a member of the University of British Columbia. Read through the sign-in process instructions before accessing.
  • Scores are not downloadable.
  • Using screen-capture will terminate your access.
  • Remember to ‘Log-Out’ so others can ‘Log-In.’


  1. Download the nkoda app on your own personal device(s).

Dock or pin the nkoda icon on your toolbar for easy access.

Use your computer’s or mobile device’s App Store to download the app.

If your computer or mobile device is not already linked to an App Store, download the nkoda app from one of the following:

2. Once you’ve downloaded and launched the app, nkoda’s Explore an entire library on your device screen will appear. 

Adjacent to Already have an account? click on Log in.

Under Log in to nkoda, click on the  button.

Type "The University of British Columbia" in the search box.

Three University of British Columbia listings may be offered.
Always select
"University of British Columbia OpenAthens (UBC)" with the conventional blue UBC logo.


3. Sign in with your UBC credentials: CWL Username and Password. Then click on Login.

Following this, you’ll be asked to create your account details with nkoda. You must use your UBC email address so that nkoda can identify you as a valid UBC subscriber. Click on Continue.


4. Next, you’ll be presented with nkoda’s Terms and Conditions policy screen. Check the box to indicate that you agree with the terms and conditions.

Lastly, click Yes that you want to continue as a member of the University of British Columbia.


5. You’re now logged in and ready to explore! You should see a green banner at the top of the page letting you know that You are signed in as a member of the University of British Columbia. This means you have completed the process successfully. The first time you login, a screen pops up allowing you to choose your instruments or interests so that the display is customized for you. You can either complete the form or close it for now. You can always customize the screen later.


6. Now you are at the main page. Here are a few things to consider (buttons and tabs may shift location according to device):

  • The green bar across the top indicates you are logged in. Please remember to Log Out when you are finished.
  • The “Help” button in the upper left-hand corner answers questions on using the service including how to access scores offline.
  • Note you can NOT print or download scores – all viewing is done within the app. Taking screenshots will lock you out of the service.
  • Navigation buttons, including search, are located in the centre of the grey bar at the top of the page. 
  • The ‘Personalise’ button in the lower right-hand corner brings the customization page back to the screen.
  • For a YouTube video tour explaining the many features of nkoda, click here.
  • For a YouTube video on setting up your nkoda profile, click here.