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Political Science

Research Tips

This page lists selected resources that provide information about Canadian politics.  UBC Library also maintains a guide to finding information produced by the Government of Canada. A number of resources specific to researching the province of British Columbia are included below. The Xwi7xwa Library at UBC maintains a series of Research Guides specific to  Indigenous Politics and Governance, specifically, see: First Nations & Indigenous Studies and Aboriginal Treaties.

When searching for publications about Canada, it can be helpful to use truncation to search for alternate endings at one time. Searching Canad* (that symbol is an asterisk) will return results for the words: Canada, Canadian and Canadians. Depending on where you are searching, some databases and search engines will only search for exactly what you type, so using truncation is a way to reduce the number of words you need to type.

Finding Articles

The  resources below contain a very high proportion of content about Canada. 

Use the article indexes listed under the Articles tab, plus these Canadian-focused resources.

Books / and Annual Publications

Newspaper Sources

These resources focus on Canadian newspapers. See also UBC Library guide to Newspapers to learn more about addition online and print newspaper sources from and beyond.

Government Resources - Canada

See also the UBC Library Guide to Government of Canada publications to find information about Hansard, Debates, and more.

Government Resources - British Columbia


Party Platforms

The des Libris collection has some platform documents from recent elections. Try searching  platform and Canada and [name of party] in advanced search.

The Manifesto Project provides content analysis of "electoral platforms from over 1000 parties from 1945 until today in over 50 countries on five continents". To view the digitized election materials, create a free account , then select DOWNLOAD under CORPUS & DOCUMENTS. Use the menus on the left of the screen to select a country, party, etc.

Use the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to view archived versions of party websites.