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Political Science


The topics of human rights and genocide are both the focus of Political Science courses at UBC. While there are many subsidiary topics to the broad concept of human rights, there are also case studies of genocide and crimes against humanity that span the globe. These areas of research are complex, including legal perspectives, case studies  and analysis from different disciplines, personal narratives, and data. 

The phrase "human rights" should always be searched in quotation marks, as this will guarantee more specific results than the words human and rights as independent concepts. Similarly, "crimes against humanity" should also be searched as a phrase. 


This selection of databases will allow researchers to focus on different disciplinary perspectives in studying human rights and genocide. History, philosophy, and political science are interrelated and yet offer unique perspectives. Searching in Summon and Google Scholar are also good approaches for these topics. 

Background Reading

Selected Genocide Studies Journals

Selected Human Rights Journals