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Government Publications: Canada


This guide was designed to help students, faculty and researchers locate Canadian government online and print publications. Here you can find information on Hansard, Royal Commissions, Sessional Papers and other parliamentary publications

Canadian Flag by Morgan

Flickr: Canadian Flag by Morgan

 Federal Government Websites

  • Official Government of Canada website
  • Key Federal Documents on the Web (Library and Archives Canada) 
  • Federal Dept. & Agencies  - Listing of all the government agenices and departments 
  • Info Source - Primary purpose to assist individuals exercise their rights under the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Info Source also supports the federal government's commitment to facilitating access to information regarding its activities.
  • GALLOP Portal - From the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada (APLIC). It is intended as a one-stop access point to full-text searchable electronic government documents collected by Legislative libraries in Canada for their jurisdictions
  • Caledon Federal Policy Monitor Updates - the Caledon Institute began to regularly scan for the release of federal government policies in January 2013.
    • Last updated in 2015.


 Broad Statistical Sources:

  • Canada at a Glance From StatsCan provides a brief annual summary of key statistics, with some international comparisons
  • Canada Yearbook  Annual summary of a broad range of statistics, with brief commentary. Latest 5 years on Statistics Canada website, plus historical collection from 1867-1967.
  • Summary Tables - Provides an overview of statistical information on Canada's people, economy and governments.