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Art History & Visual Art – Specialized Topics

This guide provides resources on specialized topics related to art history and visual and material culture.

Getting Started: 18th & 19th Century Art

This section provides information on resources for topics related to 18th and 19th century art, including print books and ebooks, article databases, images, streaming media, and digital resources.

Get started with the Quick Links section of this guide before exploring the resources in this section.


Print materials on 18th and 19th century art are located in the Music, Art & Architecture Library.
Print materials on related history, aesthetics, and humanities topics can be found at the Koerner Library and/or Rare Books & Special Collections.


Start your search by looking at the Databases section of the general Art History & Visual Art guide.

Then explore the topic-specific databases below.

Articles / Journals

Print & Electronic Journals @ UBC Library

To find a specific journal, search by Title here:

For a selective list of print journals related to 18th and 19th century art, browse the UBC Library Catalogue with the following subject headings, while using the "Subject begins with" or "Subject contains" search options. Here are a few examples:

Select Art Publications

This is a selection of journals in UBC Library holdings related to 18th and 19th century art: 


  • Nineteenth-century art worldwide
    A scholarly, refereed e-journal dedicated to 19th century visual culture.
    Available online.
  • Gazette des beaux-arts
    Published in Paris; one of the oldest and most well-established art journals.
    Available in print at the Music, Art & Architecture Library at: N2 .G3 (1859-2002).
  • Ver Sacrum
    The official magazine of the Vienna Secession. Founded by Gustav Klimt and Max Kurzweil.
    Online coverage: 1898-1903.
  • The Magazine of Art
    Covers English 19th century artists; includes exhibitions and book reviews.
    Available online and in print at Rare Books & Special Collections at: N1 .M22 (1878-1904).
  • Pan
    Art noveau art and literature journal, published under the authorship of German scholar Wilhelm Bode.
    Available online and in print at Rare Books & Special Collections at: N1 .P22 (1895-1900).
  • The Portfolio; an artistic periodical
    Covers the English 19th century art world; includes news, notices and places.
    Available online and in print at Rare Books & Special Collections at: N1 .P68 (1870-1893).
  • Petit journal pour rire; journal humoristique de la famille
    French weekly satirical magazine founded by caricaturist, journalist, and publisher Charles Philipon.
    Available in print at the Music, Art & Architecture Library, and in the ASRS, at: AP103 .P4 (1856-1904).
  • Illustrated London News
    Includes illustrations, advertisements and reviews.
    Available online and in print in the ASRS at: AN.L6 I4 (1842-1993).
  • Ladies' museum
    An example of women's 19th century periodicals.
    Available online (1825-1826, 1829-1832) and in print in the ASRS at: AP4 .L227 (1816-1818).
  • Le Diable à Paris
    Covers drawings and texts by French artists and authors.
    Available in print at Rare Books & Special Collections at: NC1495 .D5 1868 (1868-1869).
  • Builder
    Journal of architecture published in the UK in the 19th and 20th centuries.
    Available online and in print at the Music, Art & Architecture Library at: NA1 .B5 (1843-1966).

Subject Headings & Keywords

Listed below is a selection of art subject headings that can be used for keyword searching in the UBC Library Catalogue.
Click on the links to browse books on specific subjects.

By name of artist, school, or group:

By period style:

By topic:

By format: exhibition catalogues:

Expanding your search

To find more keywords / search terms, try using the following links to get more suggestions. Type a keyword into the search box and see what alternate or related terms they return to you. Then, try searching these new terms in Summon or the UBC Library Catalogue.

Select Books on 18th & 19th Century Art

Highlighted Resources

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Sourcebooks & Documents

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