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Special Collections: English Literature: Norman Colbeck Collection

A guide to UBC's rare & special English literature materials

About this Collection

Norman Colbeck was a bookseller who traded from Bournemouth on the south coast of England. Colbeck emigrated to Canada in 1967 where, at UBC Library, he prepared a two-volume catalogue of his collection.

The collection includes material written by and about English and Anglo-Irish poets and essayists of the Romantic, Victorian and Edwardian periods (nineteenth and early twentieth centuries). More than 450 authors of these periods are represented in more than 13,000 volumes. The collection also contains a vast number of presentation and association copies, all preserved in their original state as acquired by Mr. Colbeck over more than 40 years. Significant items include many first editions, special editions, limited editions, and titles of significance in the history of printing (by the Lee Priory, Pickering, Kelmscott, and Cuala Presses), publications of book collectors’ clubs (Sette of Odd Volumes), and little magazines.

The collection is strong in minor writers of the period. Unique items include many rare first editions, special editions, limited editions, association and presentation copies, items significant to the history of printing (by Lee, Priory, Pickering, Kelmscott, and Cuala presses) and publications of the book collectors' club Sette of Odd Volumes.

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