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Pharmacy Literature Search Skills

Finding Full Text of Articles

Library Access browser extension will help you access UBC's subscription articles - learn more and link to download.

When searching an article database, find UBC’s eLink  to check for online version of articles. Clicking the eLink will take you to a “Find Full Text” screen like this:

If you don't find a link to a PDF or online journal on the Find Full Text page, here's what to do:

1) First, try the “Search UBC Library Catalogue” button to see whether the Library has a print copy of the journal. If so, you can click the Get It link to request a copy be scanned and sent to you..

2) If there’s not a print copy, use the “Request via UBC Interlibrary Loan” button. This lets you order a PDF copy of the article from another library (free for students, faculty, staff).