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Library basics

Please see UBC Library Informatics for Nursing for an introduction to UBC Library.

Also, below are two handouts sharing top tips and a glossary of library terms:

NURS 504 class - April 22, 2024

In preparation for class (April 22, 2024), students review prior to class:

1) UBC Library Informatics for Nursing

2) Introduction to CINAHL (videos)

3) Using PubMed in Evidence-Based Practice 

The skills developed in this class are of particular use for the class assignments and also for your future culminating projects, theses, dissertations and scoping reviews.

Class Slides and Handouts

Structured Search Examples

How to Do an Advanced Search in PubMed


  • Angelissa Panganiban
  • MLIS Candidate Student Librarian
  • Woodward Library, University of British Columbia

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
Creative Commons License

Practice Session - April 29th @ 1:00 pm

In preparation for the practice session on April 29th, use this step-by-step guide, CINAHL Guided Exercise to create a structured search in CINAHL. Please bring your questions for this hands-on session.


Question: What are some strategies for organizing references for use in a class project or assignment?

Use built-in tools in the database. In CINAHL you can put your best papers into My Folder (at the top of the screen) and then store them in a folder for your project or class. Please see below a quick video showing how to do this.

Another strategy is to use a citation management tool such as Zotero. Here is more information about Zotero: There are also library workshops on Zotero on March 4th and March 25th. Please see: the UBC Library Calendar to register for these free workshops.