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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Studies Initiative


  • South China Morning Post - an English language newspaper published in Hong Kong - is renowned for its authoritative and influential reporting on Hong Kong, China and all of Asia. It is highly regarded by researchers because of the unique history of Hong Kong as well as the newspaper’s editorial perspective on Imperial Japan and Communist China. With searchable, full text coverage from South China Morning Post’s origin in 1903 up to and including 1997, users will be able to search the entirety of the newspaper including advertisements, editorials, cartoons, and photographs that illuminate history as much as the news articles.
  • Hong Kong News Online - This complete run of The Hongkong News as published during the Japanese Occupation offers scholars the voice of Japan from Hongkong
  • Hong Kong Free Press - Hong Kong Free Press is a non-profit English-language news source seeking to unite critical voices on local and national affairs.
  • Old Hong Kong Newspapers - Available on the Hong Kong Public Library website, this Old Hong Kong Newspapers database is a selective collection of major old Hong Kong Newspapers published from early Hong Kong to nowadays, aiming at preserving historical news reporting of Hong Kong for reference and research.


  • Hong Kong newspapers and news sites - An extensive list of Hong Kong newspapers providing local, national, and international coverage on sports, business, entertainment, tourism, real estate, and more.


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