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Finance and Investment


a) All downloadable to Excel for convenient modeling 

b) Can change to Standard or As Presented for apples-to-apples comparison or to examine specific line items for unique companies respectively

c) Adjustable timeline to display financial statements according to chosen timeframe

d) Period can be changed from Annual to Quarterly, etc

Multiples Valuation

a) Examine key valuation metrics such as EV/EBITDA and P/EPS in a table displaying average, high, low statistical information - useful indication of quarter-to-quarter volatility of Enterprise Value and Price

b) Click on Charts view for visual display

c) Downloadable to Excel, export as Image and can also be edited using CapIQ's chart builder function

Capital Structure

How a firm finances its overall operations and growth by using differnet sources of funds


a) How have the above questions translated into the company's ROA, ROC, ROE's

b) Also look at how industry-related or company-specific dynamics may have affected the company over the years by examining margins such as EBITDA margin and Levered Free Cash Flow margin

Quick Comps

Put all the metrics/ information you've learned about the company in absolute terms in context/relative value with its closest competitiors.

How does the market perceive both these companies´╝č

Are they applying an unwarranted higher valuation of one over the other?