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Finance and Investment

Analyzing Equities

a. Financial analysis: assessing source of profit and financial health <FA> <PPC>
The <FA> function allows you to access financial statements and forecasts of any corporations
1. Type <FA><GO> after you typed <Ticker><Equity>
2. Besides the 3 statements, ratios analysis..etc you can also assess details of analysts’ estimates of a company’s forward margin, revenue and many more by simply clicking i.e. 2014 margin
3. OR you can find 7) ADDL in the sub-tab segment to assess key market analysis info such as number of location, new stores added, and FCF to obtain a holistic picture of a company

b. Relative valuation for comparable analysis <RV>
Type <RV> <GO> to obtain a comparison table between your company and your competitors/similar peers. Good for extracting information and generate ideas about which comps are better.

c. Technical Analysis: charting a security against a benchmark <Graph>
Technical analysis is an important method to analyze a stock idea, and it is widely used as a tool to determine the best enter and exit opportunities. Some common technical analysises include Moving Averages, Bollinger Band, MACD…etc.
Using the Graph function <Graph><Go> after <Ticker><Equity>, you can chart two securities on 1 graph in order to compare their movements and examine their correlations. You can add studies (technical studies) on these graphs to complement your fundamental views of the company. Stock price of GE against the benchmark index S&P 500.

Finding your profitable ideas

Many news developments and corporate events are happening every day, and this information can have either temporary or permanent impacts to an equity’s market price. As an analyst, your job is to analyze the impacts of these events and come up with the best investment strategies in order to make a profit.

a) News Search Function <NSE>
With the News Search Function, we can tailor our search terms to find the most useful and relevant news information on a company or an industry.
1) Type <NSE><GO> on your search bar
2) Choose Basic or Advanced Search and input your search terms.
i.e. If we are looking for information on iPhone 6’s developments in China, we can input keywords such as “iPhone 6” and “China” in Advanced Search
3) Information that fits your search terms will show up in a chronological order

b) Generate investment ideas by forecasting upcoming results <EVTS>
With the <EVTS> function, we can find a calendar of events and earning announcements for any corporates
1. Type <EVTS><GO> to go to Events Main Menu
2. Access the most recently uploaded earning reports on companies OR
3. Change Source to Single Security and input your company’s ticker name

c) Find the security via Equity Screening and Analyst Recommendations <EQS> <ANR>
The <EQS> function scans the equity database to find companies that match your criteria
1. Type <EQS><Go> to go to the equity screening function
2. Input your screening criteria. i.e: Market Cap > 500mio, Return on Capital Invested >1
3. Press Results to look for stocks that match your search terms. You may discover gems from the pool.