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Bloomberg Help

Hitting "Help" twice (key on top left corner) will get you to the screen below:


When you get have any questions regarding Bloomberg, you can email Bloomberg representative here and ask them specific questions.

Bloomberg University

Learn more about how to use Bloomberg by watching the videos available via Bloomberg University. 
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  • The training program is divided into two parts: Bloomberg Core and Bloomberg Market Sectors. For the Core training, you have to view all 4 Core Videos before becoming eligible to write the Core exam. Market Sector exams can be taken separately after watching each video.
  • Once you finish both the Core exam and one Market Sector exam with a score of 75% or higher, you can click 11) Request Your Acknowledgment of Completion. Certificates are based on the market sector you finished. Therefore, you can receive a maximum of four certificates. Note that certificates will be emailed in PDF format.

Function Area

a. Toolbar: The left side of the toolbar includes the menu tab and a drop-down list of recently loaded securities, with the current loaded security visible. The right side features icons to help you perform key tasks, including exporting data, viewing favorite places and securities, accessing Help and adjusting your defaults and display.

b. Command Line: Here you enter commands for functions and securities. You can also perform a keyword search for securities and functions from the command line. This Autocomplete feature makes the Bloomberg Terminal entirely discoverable from the command line.

c. Function area: Here you will find the actual function content displayed.

d. Information Panel: This field highlights new or enhanced Bloomberg functionality typically, but not always, related to the function that is running