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Finance and Investment

Market News

N < GO > - to get to the main news screen. From here you can specify what kind of news items you want to view.

<TOP> <GO> - to brings up a page of the top news stories of the day, which are updated on an ongoing basis.

Selecting any of these headlines will bring up the full story. Within the <TOP> function, there are additional sub-menus that will allow you to view news stories that are filtered by asset class, geographic region or topic.

CN - to view company news. For example JNJ < EQUITY > CN< GO >

Market Monitor

 <WEI> <GO> - to display global equity index movements 

 <WB> <GO> - to display global bond market movements 

 <BTMN> <GO>  - to display markets for a wide variety of money market instruments, as well as mortgage-backed bonds and currencies


Bloomberg Industries combines the insight from industry analysts with comprehensive data, in order to provide users with a  complete view of an industry and its key constituents. To access Bloomberg Industries enter BI <GO>.

Bloomberg Industries covers over 100 industries across the following Sectors: Communications; Consumer Discretionary; Consumer Staples; Energy; Financials; Health Care; Industrials: Materials; Technology; & Utilities.

Each industry home page features individual modules - Analysis, Data Library, & Monitor - allowing users to locate deeper industry information.  

Look at this Bloomberg Industry Guide made by York University:

Bloomberg Industry Analysis