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Finance and Investment

The Keyboard

< Red keys > -- used to log in or log out of the system. Login instructions should be available at the terminal you are using. You cannot use the login for one terminal at a different terminal.

Regular keys -- used to enter tickers, function codes, search terms, date ranges, et cetera.

< Yellow market keys > -- used to tell Bloomberg in what market you want to look for the data.

< Green keys > -- used to make Bloomberg actually do something. You can type in the ticker for a security and hit the correct market key, but if you do not hit the green < GO > button Bloomberg will not do anything.

Typically when using Bloomberg, your command might look something like this: TICKER < MARKET > FUNCTION CODE < GO >


Key  Color   Description
CONN/DFLT  Red  Login / Logout
ESC  Red  Cancels a command
PEOPLE  Yellow  People search
GOVT  Yellow  Government (US Treasury and non-US government agency securities) 
CORP  Yellow  Corporate Debt
MTGE  Yellow  Mortgages
M-MKT  Yellow  Money Market (includes Commercial Paper, CDs, Bankers Acceptances)
MUNI  Yellow  Municipal Debt
PFD  Yellow  Preferred Shares
EQUITY  Yellow  Equity Shares
CMDTY  Yellow  Commodity Markets
INDEX  Yellow  Indexes
CRNCY  Yellow  Currency Markets
GO  Green  Use like the Enter or Return key on an ordinary computer
MENU  Green  Usually returns to the previous screen
PgUp/PgDn  Green  Moves up and down through multiple screens of information
PRINT  Green  Prints displayed screen or X [PRINT] prints multi-screen documents, 
PANEL  Lavender  Toggles between up to 4 Bloomberg panels; double click on a panel to resize screen