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Finance and Investment

Citing Bloomberg as a source

For articles, news or company reports, 

For example:  Bloomberg L.P. (2006). Stock price graph for United Parcel Service 11/1/05 to 11/1/06. Retrieved from Bloomberg database

For data, table and screen-prints,

The requested attribution for use of derived or reformatted information is: "Source: Bloomberg Finance L.P.".

In the case of screen-prints, the Bloomberg copyright language contained in any such screen-prints (lower right-hand corner) must be retained, and the attribution language "Used with permission of Bloomberg Finance L.P." must be noted adjacent to each use.

Printing & Saving

How to copy and paste tables from Bloomberg to Excel

  1. Place cursor at the corner of table in Bloomberg.
  2. Click and drag the data you would like to copy.  Bloomberg will copy text/data automatically without Ctrl + C.
  3. In Excel, press Ctrl + C to paste the data.
  4. Click on Data menu from the top in the Excel screen and select "Text to Columns..."
  5. Select "Fixed width-general."

Some tables do allow you to output results to excel (ex. M&A's)

Look at the top of the table for the option.


Press the green PRINT key will print the current page. 

  • When you hit PRINT, you are only printing the current screen shown.
  • If your information spans multiple pages, type the number of pages to print and then hit  PRINT.  For example, if the information you wish to print consists from 5 pages, type 5 and then press PRINT.

Screen Capture

To do a screen capture, type GRAB and hit the green GO key to email a screenshot to yourself.