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Chinese Special Collections


The Puban Collection, formerly owned by Yao Junshi of Macao and acquired by UBC in 1959 with funds from the Friends of the Library and Dr. Walter Koerner, contains some 3,200 Chinese titles in about 45,000 volumes in thread-stitched binding, the majority of which came from the well-known Nanzhou Studio of Guangdong Province. With numerous rare editions in many subject fields such as history, literature, philology and philosophy, it is one of the most distinguished Chinese collections in North America.


蒲坂藏書原為澳門姚鈞石所藏,本館於1959年獲圖書館之友及姜納博士(Dr. Walter Koerner)捐款購入。該藏書共有線裝古籍約3200種,45000余冊,多半為廣東著名之南州書樓舊藏,涵蓋文史哲等多學科,堪稱北美最卓越之中文藏書之一。在儒家典籍類內之古典語文學,半數(約有二百五十種)為文學理論、音韻學,尤以文字學為多。歷史類內有最引註目之方誌,包括廣東省五十六個地區,以及中國境內約五十個著名山脈。哲學類收書不多,但具有趣味性之藝術、考古學、拓本,尤以印章為多。

Publications on the Collection


Image: Nan Lai Zhi Page


Tung King Ng with dictionary from the Pu-Pan collection

Image: Yi Tang Pa Guan Ci Chao Page