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Chinese Special Collections

Commented Books 宋學鵬批點之書籍


清初(between 1700 and 1735)文匯堂刻本







《淨土輯要》,輯述者:潘慧純, 邵慧圓;鑑定者:印光法師

民國18年 (1929)上海太平寺、長沙佛經流通處鉛印本



Introduction 宋學鵬藏書簡介

Song Xuepeng Collectionwas formerly owned by Sung Hok Pang, a scholar in Hong Kong and acquired by UBC library in 1966.It contains about 500 volumes of books. Its books about Guangdong are very valuable for teaching and research and books on Buddhism are very unique.
Song Xuepeng Collection can be viewed in Rare Books and Special Collection Room in UBC library.
Address: Room 110, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
Call number: Asian Rare-3
宋學鵬藏書可在圖書館的善本閱覽室閱覽,地址:Room 110, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre。