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Description: Dr. Kok-Yuen Leung 梁覺玄醫生

Dr. Kok-Yuen Leung, (1922-2013), father of UBC Professor Peter Leung, was a successful practitioner of Chinese medicine and a devoted reader of classical taste. He had over 40 years of experience in traditional Chinese medical research and teaching in Hong Kong and Canada. His collection donated to Asian Library mainly consists of books on Chinese medicine, as well as some belle-letters, orthodox exegesis of the Confucian Classics, and companions for the civil examinations. The earliest publication can be traced back to 1804. Most of his holdings were published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Among the 285 titles that Dr. Dai Lianbin and the CLIR project staff examined, about one half are considered rare textually and/or physically.

梁覺玄博士(1922-2013年)是本校醫學院教授Peter Leung的父亲,是一位成功的中医从业者和一位经典書物的忠實读者。梁博士擁有40多年在香港和加拿大的中医研究和教学方面的经验。他捐赠给UBC亞洲图书馆的藏书主要包括中医书籍,純文學,儒家经典的正统释经,和民事考试的相關文獻。這批藏書最早的出版物可以追溯到1804年。這批藏書大部分都在19世纪末和20世纪初出版。在戴连斌博士和CLIR项目人员检查的285种图书中,其中大半都在內容上和形式上被定為稀有的藏品。

Publications on the Collection

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Image: 黃帝内經素問吳註 (Left)  |  萬曆己酉(三十七年,1609) 石室刻 (Right)