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Microform Collections at UBC Library

UBC Library has a rich microform collection. This guide describes major collections, each containing numerous separate titles, along with the associated guides and bibliographies.
If collections are now available online, this is noted.

Finding and Using the Collections

This guide provides descriptions for large microform sets held by the University of British Columbia Library, as well as pointers to guides, bibliographies, and indexes associated with these sets. These sets are of particular interest for studies in history and literature. Further detail on these and other sets may be found in the book Microform Research Collections : A Guide.

UBC Library has a significant collection of microforms in the Koerner Library. These collections focus on the humanities and social sciences, but also include collections in the sciences, music, fine arts, and more. The Education Library also holds the ERIC microfilm collection. Many collections are listed in the library catalogue.

A variety of guides and indexes are available both online and in print; ask for assistance at the Koerner Library research help desk for more information.

Printing Microforms

Koerner Library owns 5 microfiche/microfilm printers, 1 microcard printer, 3 microform scanners, and 1 microfiche duplicator.

Scanning Microforms

Digital copies may be made from microfilm or microfiche. This use of the scanners is available free of charge to UBC Library cardholders or patrons with guest access. Scans can be emailed, burned to a CD, or saved on a USB storage device. Daily use of the scanners is restricted to two non-consecutive one-hour slots. Sign-up sheets are available at the Journals/Microforms desk to reserve a scanner in advance.

Borrowing Microforms

Most microfilm reels may be borrowed for 1 week. Some microfilm content may not be borrowed due to high use (e.g. the last 10 years of major newspapers – Canadian newspapers, New York Times, etc.). Microfiche may not be borrowed but can be duplicated using the services listed above.