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Microform Collections at UBC Library

UBC Library has a rich microform collection. This guide describes major collections, each containing numerous separate titles, along with the associated guides and bibliographies.
If collections are now available online, this is noted.

Major Microform Collections by Title: P - Z

  • Pacific Northwest Tribes Indian Language Collection 

    The first priority of the Jesuit missionaries arriving in the Pacific Northwest was to learn the native languages they encountered. Once fluent in the spoken tongues, they produced dictionaries and grammars and translated biblical and other religious texts. This collection includes the materials amassed by the Oregon Province Archives on twelve different Indian languages: Assiniboine, Blackfoot/Piegan, Chelan,  Coeur d'Alene, Columbia/Moses, Colville, Crow, Gros Ventre, Kalispel, Kootenai, Nez Percé, and Yakima. Arrangement is by language, and all works have been identified by compiler/translator when possible.

Guide/Index: Guide to the microfilm edition of the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Indian language collection: the Pacific Northwest tribes.

  • Partei und Staat in der DDR [Socialist Power in the GDR] 

    T.1. Die Akten aus dem Büro Walter Ulbricht; T.2. Die Akten aus dem Büro Erich Honecker; T.3. Die Protokolle des Zentralsekretariats der SED und des Politbüros des ZK der SED von 1946 bis 1989.  [UBC has 3/1, 1946-1952]

Guide/Index: Partei und Staat in der DDR.

Guide/Index: Enquêtes sur la condition ouvrière en France au 19e siècle: étude - bibliographie - index.      

  • Peel Bibliography on Microfiche

    Also available online as Peel's Prairie Provinces. This site at the University of Alberta Libraries is a work in progress, still incomplete; it includes a vast number of newspapers and other material added to the 3rd Ed. of the bibliography.

    Books and pamphlets relating to the Prairie Provinces up to 1953 dealing with every aspect of the settlement and development of the Canadian West. The set includes fiction with a Prairie setting, accounts by early explorers, writings by the many different ethnic groups who settled on the Prairies which were published in languages other than Englihs, British Blue Books, early Canadian Sessional Papers, town and city directories, and more. Microfiches are arranged by item numbers iin the bibliography.

Guide/Index: A bibliography of the Prairie provinces to 1953. 2nd Ed.

  • ProFile

    Includes Canadian provincial and municipal publications published after January 1, 1973, and before January 1, 1979. Types of publications included in ProFile: "Annual reports, Budget statements, estimates, public accounts, statistical summaries, board/committee reports, official plans, organizational manuals, planning reports, research studies and Royal Commission reports and studies." Continued by the Microlog microfiche collection.

Guide/Index: ProFile Index: Canadian provincial and municipal publications.

Guide/Index: Répertoire analytique des publications gouvernementales du Québec.

  • Radical Periodicals in the United States, 1890-1960. AW5 R335 (microfiche) and AW1 R4780 (microfilm)

    This collection of radical periodicals encompasses publications representing a wide range of American radical thought. Among the titles are journals of the socialist, anarchist, communist, syndicalist and pacifist movements. Individual titles are in the online catalogue, or browse by call number noted above.

Guide/Index: Radical periodicals in the United States, 1890-1960 : [checklist].

  • Ruskin & Victorian Intellectual Life: Manuscripts of John Ruskin(1819-1900) from the Ruskin Library, University of Lancaster

    Part 1 includes 29 volumes of John Ruskin's diaries covering the years 1835, 1840-41, 1844-52, 1854, 1856-78, 1880-85, 1888. Ruskin was one of the most important social and political commentators of the Victorian era, who also became one of its chief arbiters of taste. His diaries describe his travels to the Alps and Italy, his views about landscape, the sublime, religion and death, and his reactions to early Italian art from Frangelico to Titian as well as contemporary artists such as Turner and Millais. Part 2 is correspondence with Joan Severn, 1864-1899.
  • Russian Historical Sources (1846-1929) AW10 R85

    Consists of a selected group of sources considered vital to research in Russian history. Each title was considered for its availability in original form, and for its value to the furtherance of Russian studies. Individual titles are in the online catalogue.

Guide/Index:Russian Historical Sources (1846-1929): checklist.

Guide/Index: Russian history and culture index: a microfiche collection of scarce books on 19th and early 20th century Russia from the Helsinki University Library.

  • Selected Americana from Sabin's Dictionary of Books relating to America, from its Discovery to the Present Time. AW2 S45 and AW5 S45.

    Collection based on Sabin's Bibliotheca Americana. Included are books, pamphlets, serials and other documents that provide original accounts of exploration, trade, colonialism, slavery and abolition, the western movement, First Nations, military actions and much more. Consists of millions of pages from thousands of works on western history and culture in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, as well as reaching into South America and the Caribbean.

    Now available online as Sabin Americana, 1500-1926.

Guide/Index: Selected Americana from Sabin's Dictionary of books relating to America, from its discovery to the present time;
The new Sabin; books described by Joseph Sabin and his successors, now described again on the basis of examination of originals, and fully indexed by title, subject, joint authors, and institutions and agencies.

  • Sexual politics in Britain (1967-1974)

    Papers, minutes, and publications from the major British organizations which campaigned under the auspices of the gay rights and women's liberation movements. Also includes runs of important periodicals such as Spare Rib, Red Rag, and Gay News.

Guide/Index: Sexual politics in Britain: a bibliographical guide with historical notes.

  • Shanghai municipal police file, 1929-1945

    Includes a significant portion of the archives of the British municipal police force based in the former Shanghai International Settlement. This branch of the police force was tasked with maintaining an orderly environment for foreign trade and commerce, and it collected intelligence on political demonstrations, strikes, labour and social unrest, foreign and domestic subversive activities, and areas of dispute between the International Settlement and the Chinese government. Includes: intelligence gathered on white Russian émigrés living in Shanghai; demonstrations; labour activities; investigations of alleged Comintern activities, including reports on Comintern agents, Soviet espionage and the Chinese communist party; and, materials on the Shanghai National Salvation Movement.

Guide/Index: Guide to the Scholarly Resources microfilm edition of the Shanghai Municipal Police files, 1894-1949.

  • Spanish Drama of the Golden Age

    The collection includes more than 3,200 plays in editions of the seventeenth through the early nineteenth centuries, based on the Comedia collection held by the University of Pennsylvania Libraries.

Guide/Index: Spanish drama of the golden age; a catalogue of the Comedia collection in the University of Pennsylvania Libraries.

  • Three Centuries of  English and American Plays, 1500-1830

    This collection of more than 5,000 plays includes every important play published in the English language in England from the year 1500 through 1800, and in America from 1714 through 1830, together with previously unpublished manuscripts from the period. It is as inclusive as possible, and offers editions valuable for their texts, dating, rarity, inaccessibility to the public, and literary significance in the history of drama.  

Guide/Index: Three centuries of English and American plays, a checklist: Engalnd, 1500-1800, United States, 1714-1830.

  • Three Centuries of French Drama

    Includes standard editions in complete sets, and numerous textually significant editions. In addition to partial and complete works, the collection contains school texts, stage adaptations, translations, poems, and prose pieces meant for dramatic presentation.

Guide/Index: A bibliography of French plays on microcards.

  • Travels in the Confederate States

    Travel material arranged by author, including diaries, series of letters, reminiscences, autobiographies, regional histories and accounts, and narratives written primarily as travel accounts. Part of the same series as the following travel set.

Guide/Index: Travels in the Confederate States, a bibliography.

  • Travels in the Old South (1527-1860)

    Travel material arranged by author, including diaries, series of letters, reminiscences, autobiographies, regional histories and accounts, and narratives written primarily as travel accounts.

Guide/Index: Travels in the Old South, a bibliography;
Travels in the Old South, I, II, III : [checklist].

  • Twentieth-century Latin American Pamphlets

    • Part I: Southern Cone countries

      Includes pamphlets, grey literature, and ephemera relating to political, economic and social conditions in Latin America. Spans 1910-1995, although most materials date from the Cold War period. Particularly valuable as a source of information about left- and right-wing movements in Latin America and of rare publications such as pamphlets, conference proceedings, political manifestos, speeches, serials, statistical reports, and government documents.

    • Part II: Central America and the Caribbean

      Includes over 1600 pamphlets, grey literature, and ephemera from twenty-three countries and colonial dependencies in Central America and the Caribbean. The scope of the collection is broad, ranging from tiny Anguilla, represented by three pamphlets, to Cuba, represented by 320 pamphlets. In addition to documenting the politics and economics of the region, the collection includes significant material on the labor movement, international relations, and agriculture, as well as human rights, education, the arts, religion, and the role of women.

Guide/Index: CIS U.S. serial set index.

  • United States Congress Serial Set

    Note: This overlaps with the collection "United States Congress American State Papers."

    Now available online on the Library of Congress American Memory website and in the subscription database ProQuest US Serial Set Digital Collection.

    This collection contains the journals of both houses of Congress and, of great interest and historical importance, the scores of documents submitted to that body such as annual reports of all executive departments, and titles designated Senate and House Reports.

Guide/Index: CIS U.S. serial set index.

  • United States Government Publications

    This is a nearly complete collection of all U.S. federal government publications for the years indicated. The years 1953-1980 are in microprint; 1981, part of 1982, and 1984-1985 are in microfiche. Congressional committee hearings, prints, and miscellaneous publications for the gaps in this period and for 1986-1987 are also in microfiche.

Guide/Index: Monthly catalog of United States government publications.

Guide/Index: A Guide to O.S.S./State Department intelligence and research reports.

Guide/Index: XIX century fiction : a bibliographical record based on his own collection;
 Victorian fiction ; alphabetical by author : rolls 1-442;
 Victorian fiction : alphabetical by title : rolls 1-442;
 Victorian fiction : a guide to series II, unit 1.

  • Western Books on Asia: Southeast Asia

    From the Echols Collection on Southeast Asia at Cornell University Library, this is one of the largest collections of monographs on Southeast Asia available in North America. Titles in the Western languages segment of the collection appear in eight languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian, ranging in date from the early 17th century until 1900. The collection defines Southeast Asia liberally and includes titles on Indochina, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Malay Archipelago, Java and Indonesia and addresses such topics as local religion and customs, social issues, colonialist and imperialist economics and industry, linguistics and anthropology.

Guide/Index: Western books on Asia: Southeast Asia: publications from the John M. Echols Collection on Southeast Asia at Cornell University.

Guide/Index: A woman's view of drama, 1790-1830: the diaries of Anna Margaretta Larpent in the Huntington Library : a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.

  • Women Advising Women

    The collection focuses on prescriptive literature and conduct books (including household manuals); letter writing manuals; guidance books on marriage and bringing up children; advice books on diet, health and law; guides to the education of young women; and descriptions of correct moral behaviour. It includes runs of journals and magazines aimed at women.

Guide/Index: Women advising women: a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.

  • Women, Education and Literature: the papers of Maria Edgeworth, 1768-1849

    This is a collection of Maria Edgeworth's literary manuscripts, consisting of notebooks with draft passages for published and unpublished works, story plans, poems and notes on reading. There are also draft and fair copies of published works, anecdotes, and outlines of plays, as well as an extensive collection of correspondence.

Guide/Index: Women, education and literature: the papers of Maria Edgeworth, 1768-1849.

Guide/Index: Women, emancipation and literature: the papers of Harriet Martineau 1802-1876 from the Birmingham University Library : a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.

Guide/Index: Women's language and experience, 1500-1940: women's diaries and related sources.

  • Women's Movement in Cuba, 1898-1958: the Stoner Collection on Cuban Feminism

    Compiled from the Cuban archives, the Spanish language collection covers the period from Cuban independence following the Spanish-American War to the end of the Batista Regime, providing information on Cuban women in politics, Cuban feminism, Cuban women's literature, and the legal status of Cuban women, 1898-1940.

Guide/Index: Women's movement in Cuba, 1898-1958: the Stoner collection on  Cuban feminism.

Guide/Index: Working women in Victorian Britain, 1850-1910 : the diaries and letters of Arthur J. Munby (1828-1910) and Hannah Cullwick (1833-1909) from Trinity College, Cambridge : a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.