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Microform Collections at UBC Library

UBC Library has a rich microform collection. This guide describes major collections, each containing numerous separate titles, along with the associated guides and bibliographies.
If collections are now available online, this is noted.

Women's Studies

This section highlights major collections about the history of women and of the women's movement as well as collections devoted to the written legacies of individual women.

Guide/Index: The collected writings of Geraldine Jewsbury (1812-1880) : a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.

Guide/Index: Elizabeth Gaskell and nineteenth century literature : manuscripts from the John Rylands University Library, Manchester : a listing and guide to the Research Publications microfilm collection.

  • Herstory

    Organized into three sections: newspapers, journals, and newsletters published by or about the women's liberation movement. The collection makes available the only comprehensive record of the ideas and events of the modern North American women's movement from the late 1950s through the early 1970s.

Guide/Index: Herstory microfilm collection: table of contents.

  • The History of Women (1799-1920)

    This extensive collection of material by and about women includes twelve thousand volumes of printed books, over two thousand pamphlet titles, one hundred thirty periodical titles, and one thousand photographs. Includes coverage of birth control, civil rights, education, the humanities, fine arts, government, law, medicine, theology, communications, missionary and settlement work, business and industry, the women's movement, women's rights, and other social reforms.  Individual titles are in the online catalogue.

Guide/Index:  History of women: guide to the microfilm collection.

  • Origins of Modern Feminism: The Diaries of Constance Maynard (1849-1935)

    The provision of higher education for women was the most widely supported feminist campaign of the nineteenth century. Constance Maynard was a leading pioneer of female education, and may be regarded as one of the most important feminist campaigners of the period. Her diaries provide an intimate view of her religious, intellectual and emotional life.

Guide/Index: The diaries of Constance Maynard. [Guide].

  • Sexual politics in Britain (1967-1974)

    Papers, minutes, and publications from the major British organizations which campaigned under the auspices of the gay rights and women's liberation movements. Also includes runs of important periodicals such as Spare Rib, Red Rag, and Gay News.

Guide/Index: Sexual politics in Britain: a bibliographical guide with historical notes.

Guide/Index: A woman's view of drama, 1790-1830: the diaries of Anna Margaretta Larpent in the Huntington Library : a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.

  • Women Advising Women

    The collection focuses on prescriptive literature and conduct books (including household manuals); letter writing manuals; guidance books on marriage and bringing up children; advice books on diet, health and law; guides to the education of young women; and descriptions of correct moral behaviour. It includes runs of journals and magazines aimed at women.

Guide/Index: Women advising women: a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.

  • Women, Education and Literature: the papers of Maria Edgeworth, 1768-1849

    This is a collection of Maria Edgeworth's literary manuscripts, consisting of notebooks with draft passages for published and unpublished works, story plans, poems and notes on reading. There are also draft and fair copies of published works, anecdotes, and outlines of plays, as well as an extensive collection of correspondence.

Guide/Index: Women, education and literature: the papers of Maria Edgeworth, 1768-1849.

Guide/Index: Women, emancipation and literature: the papers of Harriet Martineau 1802-1876 from the Birmingham University Library : a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.

Guide/Index: Women's language and experience, 1500-1940: women's diaries and related sources.

  • Women's Movement in Cuba, 1898-1958: the Stoner Collection on Cuban Feminism

    Compiled from the Cuban archives, the Spanish language collection covers the period from Cuban independence following the Spanish-American War to the end of the Batista Regime, providing information on Cuban women in politics, Cuban feminism, Cuban women's literature, and the legal status of Cuban women, 1898-1940.

Guide/Index: Women's movement in Cuba, 1898-1958: the Stoner collection on  Cuban feminism.

Guide/Index: Working women in Victorian Britain, 1850-1910 : the diaries and letters of Arthur J. Munby (1828-1910) and Hannah Cullwick (1833-1909) from Trinity College, Cambridge : a listing and guide to the microfilm collection.