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Indigenous New Media


Zines are independent publications not mediated by mainstream publishers and are a form of counter-cultural production. The medium is also a hands-on method of creating and circulating materials that challenge dominant ideas around gender, racism, and sexuality. Zines are also known as fanzines, underground press, little magazines, small press & alternative publications. Formats include, but are not limited to: Art Zines, DIY Zines, Fanzines, Literary Zines, Personal Zines (also called Perzines), & Political Zines.

Why are Zines Important?

  • They provide unique primary source material on contemporary histories and are often utilized as a medium for marginalized voices.
  • They provide a cultural snapshot and provide local and historical value to the community.

Featured Zines

Indigenous Zine Creators

Zig Zag is a pseudonym for Gord Hill (Kwakwaka’wakw)known for authoring the 500 Years of Resistance Comic Book. Under the name Zig Zag, he writes and publishes zines through Warrior Publications, based in Coast Salish territory. Comics from Gord Hill are also published regularly in Broken Pencil Magazine.

Se'mana Thompson (Akimel Otham/Hopi/Diné) is the co-creator of Decolonizing P@renting, a zine by & for queer parents of color; Black Indigenous Boy, a children's mental health zine; and the series Queer Indigenous Girl.

Distros with Indigenous Content

Distros (zine distribution centers) where you can find zines with Indigenous content:

Featured Resources