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List of all Xwi7xwa Research Guides, and links to UBC Library Indigenous Research Guides

Xwi7xwa Research Guides

Search strategies for finding resources that are relevant to the multidisciplinary study of Indigenous topics, including finding materials written from Indigenous perspectives.

   Aboriginal Children's Literature      Indigenous Education K-12 
   Aboriginal Filmmakers     Indigenous Librarianship 
   Aboriginal Languages     Indigenous New Media
   Aboriginal Maps and Mapping     Indigenous Research Methodology
   Aboriginal Publishers, Distributors & News Media      Métis Studies
  First Nations and Indigenous Studies    Musqueam: Land Beneath Our Feet 

  Indian Residential Schools in Canada


Additional Indigenous Research Guides at UBC


All UBC Library Indigenous Research Guides

Use Research Guides to get started on a research topic.  UBC librarians have evaluated books, article indexes and websites that are listed on each guide and determined that the resources provide reliable and authoritative information on the topic.

Search All UBC Research Guides using the A-Z list or search by subject category "First Nations" or tags, such as, Indigenous or Aboriginal.

   All Xwi7xwa developed Library Research Guides have the First Nations House of Learning logo. 

if you don't see a research guide on your topic, ask a Xwi7xwa librarian.

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