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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

This guide is for UBC Library Geospatial Services and Resources.

Esri Virtual Campus Training

‚ÄčTo learn more about how to use Esri's ArcGIS software suite, online self-guided tutorials are available through the Esri Virtual Campus. 

List of Courses

Please contact Haitao Li via e-mail to be set up with an organizational Esri account. Then you will be able to self-register for a course. Only web courses authored by Esri (top left in the catalog description) are available to us for free.

UBC Library Workshops and Events

  • The UBC Library promotes several events and workshops that fosters scholarship. Check the UBC Library Public Events calendar to know what's being offered and to register for sessions.


  • The UBC Library Research Commons is a multidisciplinary hub supporting research endeavours, partnerships and educations. The Research Commons provides workshops and consultations online and in-person. Check the Research Commons Workshop page to know what's being offered, register for sessions and to find tutorials.