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Indigenous New Media

Indigenous Podcasting: Resisting the Colonial Paradigm

"Driven by the desire of Indigenous peoples to share their stories on a global scale—and assume agency over their representation—Indigenous podcasts have emerged as a tool to 'decolonize the airwaves.' At the intersection of digital media, podcasting, and Indigenous storytelling, lies the rising trend of Indigenous podcasting—whether that be Indigenous media platforms, Rosanna Deerchild's segment on CBC Radio [Unreserved], or indie podasts."  

c. Taylor Mitchell

From Indigenous Podcasting: resisting the colonial paradigm (Taylor Mitchell, 2017).

Featured Podcasts and Platforms

For a comprehensive list of Indigenous podcasts, see the Index of Indigenous Podcasts maintained by Media Indigena. The list is updated regularly, and includes both independent podcasts and podcasts by broadcasters. 

Podcasting for Beginners