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SOCW 553: Research Knowledge and Evidence in Clinical Social Work Practice

Overview of evidence-based practice, literature review/systematic review workflows, and citation management for your written EBP assignment.

Translating Your Search Strategy

Start to build your search in one core database and then you will "translate" your search to other databases to ensure you are being as similar as possible (if not exactly the same) with your search terms and limiters.

It is always good to take a look at all of your databases at the beginning of your search setup to make sure you won't run into any major hiccups - such as no limiters, limit on search terms per search, etc. 

For most of you for this assignment you might find that MEDLINE or PsycInfo is your core database and then you will adapt it for use in other databases. 

Try using something like the final tab in the keeping track template I've created for you: