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SOCW 553: Research Knowledge and Evidence in Clinical Social Work Practice

Overview of evidence-based practice, literature review/systematic review workflows, and citation management for your written EBP assignment.

Evidence Synthesis

Evidence synthesis is a type of secondary research created for use in evidence-based practice, specifically when primary research studies and grey literature are combined to create a synthesis of evidence. 

According to the Royal Society, "‘evidence synthesis’ refers to the process of bringing together information from a range of sources and disciplines to inform debates and decisions on specific issues. Decision-making and public debate are best served if policymakers have access to the best current evidence on an issue. An accurate, concise and unbiased synthesis of the evidence is therefore one of the most valuable contributions the research community can offer policymakers."

This type of synthesis goes beyond a traditional literature review, advocating for strong methods and unbiased information gathering, to ensure that all available scholarly research is included.

Types of Evidence Synthesis

The following are some examples of evidence syntheses:

  • Systematic Review (see more on the following page in this guide)
  • Scoping Review
  • Rapid Review
  • Umbrella Review
  • Meta-Analysis  

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Example Evidence Syntheses


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