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SOCW 553: Research Knowledge and Evidence in Clinical Social Work Practice

Overview of evidence-based practice, literature review/systematic review workflows, and citation management for your written EBP assignment.

Pre-Readings for Library Session

  1. Assignment/Library Session Guide -
  2. Parrish, D. E. (2018). Evidence-based practice: A common definition matters. Journal of Social Work Education, 54(3), 407-411.
  3. PRISMA 2020 Checklist -
  4. PRISMA-S Checklist -
  5. PRISMA 2020 Flow Diagram -
  6. Cornell University Library. (n.d.). What type of review is right for you?
  7. Example methods sections for the following to compare differences:
    • Systematic review: Loong, D., Bonato, S., Barnsley, J., & Dewa, C. S. (2019). The effectiveness of mental health courts in reducing recidivism and police contact: A systematic review. Community Mental Health Journal, 55, 1073-1098. doi: 10.1007/s10597-019-00421-9
    • Scoping review: Rumping, S., Boendermaker, L., & de Ruyter, D. J. (2019). Stimulating interdisciplinary collaboration among youth social workers: A scoping review. Health & Social Care, 27(2), 293-305. doi: 10.1111/hsc.12589
    • Literature review: Sethi, B. (2016). Health experiences of immigrant visible minority women: A literature review. Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work, 13(6), 523-534.

Other Introductory Books

To find additional resources try a subject search in the library catalog for Social service -- Research -- MethodologySocial service -- ResearchSocial sciences -- Research -- MethodologySocial service -- Statistical methods; or Social sciences -- Statistical methods.