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Slavic, Central, and East European Studies

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History Call Numbers:

DK4010-4800 - History of Poland
DK1-949.5 - History of Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics

Language and Literature Call Numbers:

PG1-499 Slavic philology and languages (General)
PG500-585 Slavic literature (General)

PG801-1146 Bulgarian
PG1201-1749 Serbo-Croatian
PG2001-2826 Russian language
PG2900-(3698) Russian literature
PG3801-3987 Ukrainian
PG4001-5146 Czech
PG5201-5546 Slovak
PG6001-7446 Polish

Political Science Call Numbers:

JN2210-2229  Czech Republic. Czechoslovakia
JN2240  Slovakia
JN6500-6598  Soviet Union. Russia. Former Soviet Republics
JN6615 Estonia
JN6630-6639 Ukraine
JN6640-6649 Belarus
JN6680-6689 Moldova
JN6690-6699 Russia (Federation)
JN6730-6739 Latvia
JN6745 Lithuania
JN6750-6769 Poland

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