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Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

Spanish Language Readers

Graded Readers

Graded readers are texts that have been adapted for language learners and target a specific level of reader.


Lecturas fáciles en español series by enCLAVE ELE

These texts are marked with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) ratings (guidelines used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages).


Adapted Classics

Adapted classics are shortened versions of classic texts.

Bilingual Readers

Bilingual readers have the Spanish and English text side by side so you can practice and improve your reading skills in Spanish while having the English text at hand to refer to.

Spanish Language Readers

Critical editions of key Spanish language texts, with introduction, notes and vocabulary in English. These texts are not shortened versions or adapted classics, and are designed for upper intermediate to advanced learners.

Hispanic Texts series. Manchester University Press.


Spanish texts series. Bristol Classical Press.

  • Los cachorros / Marío Vargas Llosa ; edited with introduction, notes and bibliography by J.B. Hall.
  • Ficciones / Jorge Luis Borges / edited with introduction, notes, bibliography & vocabulary by Gordon Brotherston & Peter Hulme.
  • El viejo celoso and El celoso extremeno / Miguel De Cervantes ; edited with introduction, notes & bibliography by Paul Lewis-Smith.
  • El sí de las niñas / Leandro Fernández de Moratín ; edited with introduction and notes by Philip Deacon.
  • Seven stories from Spanish America / selected with introduction, bibliography & vocabulary by Gordon Brotherston & Mario Vargas Llosa.
  • Selected poems / César Vallejo ; edited with introduction, notes & bibliography by Stephen Hart ; glossary by Martha Ojeda.
  • Contemporary Spanish short stories : viajeros perdidos / edited with introduction & notes by Jean Andrews & Montserrat Lunati.
  • Campos de Castilla / Antonio Machado ; edited with introduction, notes & bibliography by Robert Havard.
  • Los ríos profundos / José María Arguedas ; edited with introduction, bibliography and glossary by William Rowe.
  • Soledades / Luis de Góngora ; edited with translation, introduction, notes & bibliography by Philip Polack.(Spanish text with English translation on facing pages.)
  • Tristana / B. Pérez Galdós ; edited with introduction, notes & bibliography by Gordon Minter.
  • Cuentos escogidos / Horacio Quiroga ; edited with introduction, notes & vocabulary by Jean Franco.
  • El tragaluz / Antonio Buero Vallejo ; selected with introduction, notes and bibliography by John Lyon.