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ENGL 500

Primary Resources

A primary source is a work that was written [created] at a time that is contemporary or nearly contemporary with the period or subject being studied. Primary sources are the direct evidence or first hand accounts of historical events without secondary analysis or interpretation. Examples of primary sources include works of literature, diaries, letters, memos, photographs, records of organizations, articles written at the time about a particular event, and artifacts (works of art, buildings, furniture, clothing, toys, tools, etc.).

·  Primary Sources in the Humanities and Social Sciences


Scholars in the humanities have access to more and more primary source collections in digital format.  UBC Library has purchased many of these collections and continues to expand its holdings in this area. For more e-collections, try searching adam matthew or alexander street press under Indexes and databases.

Historical Newspapers

The Library has full text newspapers which provide researchers with quick access to historical newspaper articles. For a complete listing of newspaper holdings, see the guide: Newspapers and News Sources.