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Chinese Special Collections


For general research resources regarding Chinese studies, please refer to Chinese Studies Resources.

Treasured Collections at UBC


UBC Asian Library was established base on the Puban Collection, purchased from Macau in 1959 with donated fund. The Puban Collection established UBC Library as a top-tier research library for Chinese Studies in North America, and the leading Canadian institution in terms of the size and quality of rare volumes in its collections. In the past half century, the library has acquired many more special collections from the Chinese immigrants and scholars. Puban Collection has been mostly catalogued, and the rest special collections are still hidden. This guide aims to introduce the hidden treasures at UBC.

Related Chinese collection at MOA is also linked to this guide.

There are large amound of special collections held in the Chinese community but can be shared online, such as Li Desheng Cigarette Card Collection 李德生烟画集锦.

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Digitized Rare Items

127 items from Asian Library Rare Book Collection have been added to the UBC Open Collections. Stay turned for more titles online!

九州分野輿圖古今人物事跡  季名臺 1643

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