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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

This guide helps you get started learning about GIS and how to find geospatial data.

What is in this Guide?

The Getting Started tab provides a basic introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial data. The Data Sources tab contains pages with links to geospatial data sources by location and subject. The Search Strategies tab tells you how to find, evaluate, and access data sets online. To find out more about the GIS facilities and software at UBC, including getting access to ArcGIScheck ot the Labs and Software tab. The Cite Data tab contains information about how to cite geospatial data, maps, atlases, and more. Additional training resources, such as books, courses, and videos can be found in the Training Resources tab. You can find special GIS projects that the library has worked on in the Special Projects tab, such as digitizing Vancouver's old streams.

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GIS Services at UBC

The UBC Library provides access to GIS resources, including data, software, online courses and support.

We can assist you with locating and acquiring geospatial data; subsetting data and converting it to different formats; recommending GIS and mapping tools, and learning more about using GIS software.

We can also assist faculty by creating and facilitating workshops and other learning materials on finding geospatial data for your students.

For assistance or to find out more about our services, contact:

Paul Lesack, Data/GIS Analyst
Koerner Library 218C

Evan Thornberry, GIS Librarian
Koerner Library 219G

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