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Some ANSI standards are freely available through the CSA Community Group (registration required): Once registered browse under the ANSI heading in the View Standards section of the website. 

Older ANSI standards (1995 and older) are available in print in the ASRS storage in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. Use this record to place an ASRS request.

Ask a librarian if you need help.


  • From the Standards Collection catalogue record select the “Request this Item:Recall/ASRS” option. For instructions on using the ASRS, click here.
  • When you reach the pull-down menu to select an item, choose the item that most closely precedes the standard number you need. For example, for standard number ANSI/ .NFPA 40-1988, select NFPA 34- c.1 from the list.
  • ASRS requests are available at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Circulation Desk usually within 15 minutes. The ASRS retrieves a box containing a range of standards, so Circulation Staff need this information to find your item. Let the staff know the number of the standard you need. .