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Reference Resources for Syntax

Simply put, Syntax is the study of grammatical relations between words and other units within the sentence (From The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics, 2 ed.)

Below are some key (online) reference works for syntax.

New Books on Syntax at UBC Library

Library Subject Headings

UBC Library, like most academic libraries, uses Library of Congress Subject Headings. Books on Syntax can be found in the UBC Library catalogue under these Subject Headings:

For books on a specific language, use this format (replace 'French' with whichever language you are interested in):

Syntax: Key Journals

Syntax publishes a wide range of articles on the syntax of natural languages and closely related fields. The journal promotes work on formal syntactic theory and theoretically-oriented descriptive work on particular languages and comparative grammar. It also publishes research on the interfaces between syntax and related fields such as semantics, morphology and phonology, as well as theoretical and experimental studies in sentence processing, language acquisition and other areas of psycholinguistics that bear on syntactic theories.

Theoretical Linguistics cover page

Theoretical Linguistics is an Open Access peer reviewed journal. Each issue contains one long target article about a topic of general linguistic interest, together with several shorter reactions, comments and reflections on it. With this format, the journal aims to stimulate discussion in linguistics and adjacent fields of study, in particular across schools of different theoretical orientations.