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Reference Resources for Morphology

Morphology is the area of linguistics that studies the grammatical information contained in words, and the one that explores how words are related to each other according to their shared meaning and form. (From the entry for Morphology by Antonio Fábregas in the International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, 2nd ed.)

Below are some key (online) reference works for phonology. 

New Books on Morphology at UBC Library

Library Subject Headings

UBC Library, like most academic libraries, uses Library of Congress Subject Headings. Books on Morphology can be found in the UBC Library catalogue under these Subject Headings:


For books on the morphology of a specific language, use this format (replace 'French' with whichever language you are interested in):

Morphology: Key Journals

Morphology Journal


The journal covers morphology proper, as well as the interaction of morphology with phonology, syntax, and semantics, the acquisition and processing of morphological information, the nature of the mental lexicon, and morphological variation and change. Its main focus is on formal models of morphological knowledge, morphological typology, the position of morphology in the architecture of the human language faculty, and the evolution and change of language.