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Korean Studies Resources

UBC Only Databases

Open Source Databases



This web portal contains links to Jangseogak, Kyujanggak, and other regional research center websites as well as dictionaries, directories and maps.




Philosophy & Religion

North Korea

The complete DPRK Movie playlist of movies uploaded to Youtube. All of the movies have subtitles in English. The playlist is frequently updated."

Photographs and Images

Korean War

An artificial collection of leaflets, radio scripts, newspapers, and posters produced by American, Chinese, and Korean governments for use during the Korean War as propaganda devices. Available at the Yale's Manuscripts and Archives department.

Preserved at the North Dakota State University's Institute for Regional Studies Archives. Provides a unique look into an aspect of the war often overlooked.

대통령문서, 일반문서, 사진기록물, 동영상, 해외수집기록물, 정부간행물, 행정박물​


External Library Collections

An open-access archive of digitized photographs, negatives, postcards, rare books and slides from Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Manchuria, and Indonesia

Collection of digitized e-books and a database of full text web resources. Largely on resources held at the University of Oregon Library.

미국 예일대학교 도서관 소장 한국문화재, 국외소재 한국문화재 조사보고서 제 22권, 2011, published by NRICH (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage) in South Korea.

Liberation Space Collection (Korean Literature from 1945-1950)

Manhwa: Korean Graphic Novels

James Palais' English Translation of Pangye Surok

Korean-Cubans Photo Collection

Washington State Korean News (한인회보 Hanin Hoebo)

North Korea Propaganda Leaflets

  • Digitized Harvard-Yenching Library Korean Rare and Old Books include:

Digitized Korean rare book title list 

Kyujanggak - Harvard-Yenching Library Korean rare book digitization project 

Minsokwon - Harvard-Yenching Library Korean rare book digitization project 

National Library of Korea - Harvard-Yenching Library Korean rare book digitization project 

Miyoung Lee and Neil Simpkins - Harvard-Yenching Library Korean rare book digitization project