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Forest History and Archives

A guide to archival materials related to forests and forestry at UBC's Rare Books and Special Collections

Highlighted Resources

Finding Books: Call Numbers

Since RBSC does not permit browsing of materials that are housed in the vault, call number browsing is an effective way to virtually "see" books as they are arranged on the shelf.

Learn more about call numbers.

To design your own call number browse, use the catalogue's "simple search" tab within the "advanced search" function.

Enter the beginning of the call number. The more you enter, the more specific the search. Be sure to select Rare Books and Special Collections from the dropdown menu beside "Filter by Location/Item Type/Language"

To browse for Forestry books on the shelves, use the call number SD

  • Forestry: SD1 - SD669.5
    • History of forestry: SD131-247.5
    • Forest machinery, engineering and tools: SD388
    • Forest roads: SD389
    • Forest soils: SD390-SD390.43
    • Silviculture: SD 391-SD410
    • Forest conservation and protection: SD411-SD428
    • Forest utilization: SD430-SD559
    • Forest policy and adminstration: SD 561-SD669.5

To browse for books on the history of forestry workers, use the call number HD

  • Labor. Working class: by industry or trade: 8039

You can also find some resources that have been categorized as "Special Pamphlets" (SPAM):

UBC's Forestry Pamphlets at Rare Books and Special Collections

Forestry Associations

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