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MLA 9th Edition Citation Style Guide

Lecture slides or notes

Include the instructor name, month and day, and title of lecture, with the format in square brackets (e.g. [PowerPoint slides], [Word document], [PDF file]).

If the lecture doesn't have a title, create a descriptive title, and put it in square brackets (e.g. [Lecture notes on ... ]).

Use the name of the learning management system and the URL to the login page.


"Human Animal Interactions." Introduction to Sociology, taught by John Smith. Canvas, UBCO, 23 Mar. 2020. 

Parenthetical in-text citation: ("Human")

Narrative in-text citation: "Human Animal Interactions"

Custom published course materials


Jackson, Shirley. "The Lottery." Course pack for English 112: Studies in Composition, compiled by Beth Smith, fall 2012, UBCO.

Parenthetical in-text citation: (Jackson 12)

Narrative in-text citation: Jackson (12).