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David Lam Library Remote Access Guide

This guide contains all relevant library resources and information for UBC Sauder students during the campus closure.

Accessing Electronic Resources

Current students, faculty and staff can get authenticated access to licensed electronic resources, anywhere in the world via an authorized CWL. UBC Library now uses OpenAthens as a primary means of secure login service for digital, licensed resources (books, journals, media, data). However, a few UBC Library e-resources still require EZproxy, including Passport GMID. Many of these e-resources may be transitioned to OpenAthens over time. For more information on OpenAthens, please see UBC's Connect to Library Resources guide.

All off-campus Users will be authenticated via either OpenAthens or EZproxy. Do not use myVPN.

Starting from the UBC Library homepage, there are two ways to get started with OpenAthens or EZproxy:

1. On the Library Homepage, use the "LOGIN" drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the grey bar

2. From the Library Homepage, start searching. The first link-out to a licensed resource will automatically pause to request authentication via OpenAthens or EZproxy.

3. Go to the David Lam Library site and head to the Business Databases box on the right hand side of the page. Select either by Subject or A-Z List and connect from there.

Accessing Financial Databases

Workaround selected Financial Databases

Some of our financial databases are available only on site on specified machines. However, we were able to work with UBC Sauder IT and respective vendors to allow remote access.

For Sauder students, please refer to the instructions within the CLC Online Canvas on how to access the following financial databases.

For non-Sauder students, please refer to the Wayne Deans Investment Analysis Centre information page on myBCom for further instructions on how to access the following databases remotely.

Remote access is not available at UBCO. Please reach out to Kim Buschert ( for any questions or concerns regarding UBCO inquiries.

Accessing Digital Media Lab Resources

Due to the physical closure of the campus, video and music editing software installed in the Digital Media Lab will not be available remotely. However here are some alternatives that are available to us for free that you can consider.

Streaming @ UBC Library

Software Available for Free (UBC Students)

Head over to the UBC IT page for more details!