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ANTH 404 Circumpolar Ethnography

Library research guide for Dr. Pat Moore's ANTH 404 class, Circumpolar Ethnography (Fall 2018).

Need help finding articles?

Anthropology and Circumpolar North Databases

While the default library search engine, Summon, will allow you to find a great deal of articles, UBC subscribes to a number of specific databases that can help you focus your search. You can choose to look for articles written by discipline (i.e. anthropologists, sociologists, etc.) or by geographic region (e.g. Arctic)


Here are some relevant eJournals you may want to browse:

  • Arctic Anthropology - a peer-reviewed academic journal covering research on the archaeology, ethnology, and physical anthropology of arctic and subarctic peoples. 
  • Polar Journal -  a forum for the scholarly discussion of polar issues from a social science and humanities perspective and brings together the considerable number of specialists and policy makers working on these crucial regions across multiple disciplines. 
  • Etudes Inuit  - devoted to the study of Inuit societies, either traditional or contemporary, in the general perspective of social sciences and humanities (ethnology, politics, archaeology, linguistics, history, etc.)
  • Arctic - The study of the North American & circumpolar Arctic through the natural & social sciences, the arts & humanities & to acquire, preserve & disseminate information on physical, environmental & social conditions in the North.
  • Arctic Yearbookpeer reviewed publication of critical analysis on the Arctic region, with a mandate to inform observers about the state of Arctic politics, governance and security.
  • Arktika i Sever / Arctic and North - Russian journal focusing on the Russian North. Articles in English.

Browsing individual journals can lead to inspiration for a research paper topic, but it is not the most effective way to search for articles on a topic. The easiest way to find articles on your topic is to search an online index that indexes journal articles on your topic.