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ANTH 404 Circumpolar Ethnography

Library research guide for Dr. Pat Moore's ANTH 404 class, Circumpolar Ethnography (Fall 2018).

Getting Started

This guide is intended to help student researchers of the ethnography of circumpolar regions of North America, Scandinavia, and Russia. The guide was created for ANTH 404 taught by Dr. Pat Moore (Fall 2019).

There is no 'one stop' place to search for information and research on circumpolar regions. Depending on your research topic and discipline focus, different sources of information will be important to you. The tabs at the left side of this guide will direct you to specialized databases to search for articles, the library catalogue to search for books, and to primary sources.

Reference / Background Information

Reference materials provide background information on a topic and are especially useful at the beginning of a research project . They can help you get an overview of a topic, define terms, theories, and persons in the field, and find further readings written by experts in the field.