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Films & Streaming Media at UBC Education Library

Well reviewed DVDs located in UBC Education Library.

Social Studies


Growing up Canadian   FC 97 G76 2006 pt.1-6 [47mins each]
This film examines the experience of childhood in Canada an includes sections on family life, schooling, work, play, health and the media.

Roots of Empathy    HQ 769 R66 2001 [12mins]
A classroom based program that helps students develop empathy and reduces bullying.

Let’s Learn About Local and Provincial/Territorial Governments Working for Us    JL 75 L477 2010 [21mins]
This film explores citizenship and government at the city/town and provincial levels. Students will learn about the following: Mayor, councilors, municipal, country and regional government, Premier, Cabinet, legislature, Lieutenant Governor, Opposition, Speaker, Consensus system of government.

Earliest Pioneer Life   FC 305 E276 2006 [18mins]
For earliest pioneers, each season in the first years of life in their new homeland brought with it many hardships and struggles. Most tried to arrive in their new homeland in spring or early summer in time to plant crops, food for the coming winter.

Little Earth Charter   GE 195.5 L58 2009 [8 sections at 5mins each]
This video features a series of 8 animated clips helps introduce students to The Earth Charter's set of fundamental principles that seek to define a just, sustainable and peaceful society for the 21st century. It includes sections on: life, interconnection, family, Earth, peace, love and the future


Canada: A People’s History   FC 164 C36 2000 [each volume 120mins]
Canada: A People's History traces Canada's evolving history, from early First Nations populations more than 15,000 years ago to life at the end of the 20th century - as told by people who lived it.

Government in Canada: Citizenship in Action    JL 75 G683 2006 pt.1-4 [about 30mins each]
This four part series includes sections on: local and provincial governments, national parliament, the role of Parliament and the Constitution and the responsibilities of citizenship.

Environmental Ethics    GE 42 E83 2005 [62mins]
Twenty past winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize discuss their various environmental protection projects, focusing especially on the themes of environmental ethics and environmental responsibility.

Financial Literacy for Students    HG 179 F567 2010 [19mins]
This film introduces students to fiscal responsibility and covers a variety of topics, including: security, online banking, interest, credit saving and investing.

Re-trial of Louis Riel   FC 3217.1 R53 L68 2000 pt. 1-2 [30mins each]
This two part series covers the history of Louis Riel and Manitoba’s Red River Rebellion as well as the Northwest Rebellion that took place in Saskatchewan.