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Films & Streaming Media at UBC Education Library

Well reviewed DVDs located in UBC Education Library.



Cyberchase. Algebra   QA 155.15 C93 2009 [4 sections at 30mins each]
Three children and their bird friend must defend cyberspace from the evil hacker using their math skills.

Cyberchase. Geometry   QA 445.5 C93 2009 [4 sections at 30mins each]
Students are encouraged to investigate the concepts and properties of geometric shapes. Four 30-minute episodes present geometry applications in the real world and cover the following topics: properties of a line, parallelograms, math in nature (crystals) and circles.

Mathematica  QA 40.5 M388 2012 [20 parts about 10mins each]
Explore the boundless world of math and numbers in this 20-part educational series that introduces key mathematic principles, such as the mechanics of equations, factorization, and introductory geometry.

Multiplication Vacation    QA 115 M85 2005 [92mins]
Join the GoogolKids and their friends as they practice their times tables on the best learning vacation ever. The Googols use their powers to make multiplication an exciting adventure that journeys "from the jungles deep in Africa, to the ice fields of Antarctica" and even into outer space! This special feature length program guest stars Vancouver children's entertaining duo Mr. I and Gary Q.

Probability and Chance: Discovering Math   QA 273.25 P763 2006 [30mins]
This video introduces to elementary students to more advanced concepts of probability, including: the concepts of chance, statistical predictions and basic sample spaces.


Mathematics Assessment: A Video Library   QA 13 M346 1997 disc 4 [60mins]
This film provides visual examples of standards-based teaching and learning for grades K through 12 and offers a look at the changes in mathematics instruction.