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Films & Streaming Media at UBC Education Library

Well reviewed DVDs located in UBC Education Library.



How people got fire      E 98 F6 H68 2009 [16mins]
This animated film is set in the Yukon and depicts a First Nations story of how fire became part of human life.

Inuit games: [my brand new life series]      E 99 E7 I5845 2006 [24mins]
This is the story of a young, athletic boy from Montreal who travels to the Arctic to learn traditional Inuit games.

Shi-Shi-etko      PN 1997.2 S4714 2009 [12mins]
This film chronicles the last four days that Shi-Shi-etko spends with her family before leaving to attend a residential school.

When all the leaves are gone      E 99 A13 W452 2010 [17mins]
This film documents director Alanis Obomsawin’s experience of being bullied as a result of being the only First Nations student in her class.


First stories      E78 C2 F585 2006 v.1+2 [4 films in each volume]
This series features four Aboriginal filmmakers who explore the realities of their lives in 21st century Canada.

For our street family      E 98 Y68 F67 2009 [34mins]
Revolving around a teen drop-in center called Planet Youth, this film explores the pain of stereotypes, the importance of peer support, and the ambivalence towards identity experience by a group of First Nations teens in Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

Richard Cardinal: cry from the diary of a Metis child       E98 C5 R424 1986 [30mins]
A moving tribute to Richard Cardinal, a Metis adolescent who committed suicide at 17, in 1984. Removed from his home at age 4 because of family problems, he was then moved between 28 foster homes, group homes and shelters in Alberta for the next 13 years.

Stolen children: Truth and Reconciliation       E 96.5 S738 2010 [40mins]
Stolen Children explores the impact of residential schools on former students and their children and grandchildren. Survivors share their harrowing experiences and discuss the legacy of fear, abuse and suicide being passed down from generation to generation.

Violation of trust       E 96.65 W54 V56 1991 [49mins]
Examines a century of native residential schools in Canada. Focuses on the Williams Lake, BC school and the harsh experiences of the children who went there. Speaks to survivors, an historian, a therapist, and clergymen who ran the school.