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Films & Streaming Media at UBC Education Library

Well reviewed DVDs located in UBC Education Library.



3-Minute Reading Assessments    LB 1050.46 A13 2008 [49mins]
Watch as reading experts conduct  powerful reading assessments in 3 minutes. You'll observe teachers as they assess students in word recognition, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary. These quick assessments make it easy to pinpoint students' strengths and target areas in which they need more support.

Beginning Reading   LB 1573 B4233 2006 [60mins]
This video introduces students to helpful reading strategies;  and includes tips for how to: decode using context clues, recognize an author’s purpose and how to adjust reading speed.

Reading 44: primary guided reading    LB 1525 G945 2004 pt.1 [25mins]
Reading 44 is a classroom reading program written by teachers from the North Vancouver School District. This video features guided reading strategies.

Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers   LB 1050 R4244 pt. 1-5 [about 30mins each]
This series of television programs looks at a variety of reading strategies that are helping young children learn to read. The programs feature practical advice for parents, highlight the best research-based reading strategies, and interweave the personal stories of children learning to read.

Write From the Start: Conferring With Young English Language Learners    LB 1528 W75 2006 [9 sections 57mins]   
This workshop shows two schoolteachers confering with five, six and seven-year-olds in a kindergarten writing workshop. Daily conferences are an essential element of the literacy curriculum, helping students see the links between their home languages and cultures, English, and making meaning through print.


Deciphering Dyslexia   LC 4710 C3 D433 2008 [56mins]
This film explores the trials and triumphs of four people facing a lifelong struggle with learning. Its goal is to raise awareness and provide an understanding of dyslexia, to bring a human face to this invisible disability and to reduce the stigma surrounding it.  Personal stories of 4 individuals with dyslexia which aims to remove the stigma around it.

Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century   QA 76.575 D54 2011 [60mins]
This film examines how mobile devices and digital media practices can empower young people to direct their own learning. It documents five success stories, and demonstrates how digital media, games, smart phones, and the Internet are fundamentally transforming the way young people communicate, collaborate, participate, and learn in the 21st century.—library catalogue.

Media Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom    LC 149 M489 2009 [40mins]
This program helps educators instill media literacy through an exploration of its basic concepts as well as examples drawn from film and television. Defining media literacy in terms of access, analysis, evaluation, and creation, the video examines race and gender issues, embedded social cues, the prevalence of media bias, and concrete methods for questioning the objectives and studying the techniques of media. Well-known TV commercials are used as case studies.

Spreading the Word 4    PZ 5 S67 2008 [each section about 20mins]
This film is an educational initiative of the Vancouver International Writers & Readers Festival and features authors reading for young audiences.

Storytelling Class   LC 1099.5 M3 S76 2009 [60mins]
A teacher in a school in Winnipeg works with an extremely diverse student population to start a storytelling class, enabling the students to share their experiences as refugees with their Canadian peers.