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CSA Standards Notice

Do you use CSA or ISO standards in your work? As of February 19, 2018, UBC Library will no longer subscribe to CSA standards via IHS. Alternatives are being explored. Please contact one of the librarians listed on this guide's page with questions or comments.


Getting Started

What are Standards?

Standards are agreed-upon specifications and guidelines for the performance, operation or composition of a product or process. Regulatory agencies create standards that have legal weight; other organizations create standards that are adopted voluntarily because they provide a means of correlating measures and create a common ground. (Adopted from this guide). More information on why you would use a standard is available at this page from the BSI British Standards.

Can't find a standard? Ask your librarian for help. Vancouver Public Library's Central Branch sometimes has standards that UBC Library does not - call 604-331-3603 to check.

Key Resources

Research Help

Need additional help? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Kevin Lindstrom

Kevin Lindstrom, Librarian - Vancouver | 604.822.0695


Sarah Parker

Sarah Parker, Librarian - Vancouver | 604.822.7918

Librarian Barbara Sobol

Barbara Sobol, Librarian - Okanagan | 250.807.8063